The Library

Many of the military history essays posted at The Rant Foundry draw heavily in both research and inspiration from the extensive archives of the Dowsett Memorial Library.

The Dowsett Memorial Library

The Dowsett Memorial Library is a privately held collection of books, documents and other historical materials relating to the two World Wars. Principally, The Library serves as a memorial for the soldiers of the Dowsett family and as a wartime historical documentary archive. It consists primarily of books, journals, service records, manuals, technical documents and newspapers from the First and Second World War periods as well as a collection of related contemporary non-fiction, documentary and reference media.

The Library also contains the family histories and ancestral records of the Dowsett-Hay and Pearson-Schulze families.The Dowsett Memorial Library logoThese are some of the books and magazines held by the Library. All were published during World War II.

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