25-Pounder In Action, New Guinea (Roy Cecil Hodgkinson)

25-Pounder In Action, New Guinea by Roy Cecil Hodgkinson

This fine artwork shows an Australian gun battery firing a 25-pound howitzer in New Guinea. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder was the major Australian field gun and howitzer during World War II. Hodgkinson was an official war artist who saw action in New Guinea with the 1st Armoured Division.

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Kiriwina Rain (Alan Moore)

Kiriwina Rain by Alan Moore

This excellent painting shows a Douglas Boston on the Kiriwina airfield around 1943. The Douglas A-20 Havoc (also designated as DB-7) bomber and attack variants were usually known in Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) service as the “Boston”. After landing on Kiriwina and Woodlark Island as part of Operation Chronicle on June 30, 1943, U.S. Army Engineers supervised construction of Kiriwina Airfield, including a 2,000 metre (6,000 ft) coral-surfaced runway. No. 73 Wing RAAF was based at this field.

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