About RF

The Rant Foundry is an Australian news and history blog primary focused on stories that impact the global population and international relations, as well as the histories that have shaped our current generation. We have articles in Geopolitical Review discussing international news topics such as geopolitics, foreign policy, international relations, warfare and global terrorism.

Also featured is a series on the military service history of the Dowsett family, entitled Dowsett’s War, in addition to a number of essays examining some of the important battles and theatres of war that the soldiers of the Dowsett family served in.

The Rant Foundry will strive at all times to provide the highest quality research and informed comment, and will be guided by the principles of accuracy, insight, and journalistic integrity.


  1. Greeting from Texas. I found this site due to GP Cox and his outstanding blog, Pacific Paratrooper. I am also an amateur WW2 and General Military Historian, so I am really excited to find your site. I would also like to ask that you visit my blog, HCSTX.org, I think you might like it! Semper Fi.

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    1. G’day Hammerhead, salutations from Western Australia. Cox’s Paratroopers blog is indeed superb, and a source of inspiration. Always honored to meet a fellow military historian, and I’ve already looked at a few posts on your HCSTX blog and will definitely be going back for more.


  2. Found your blog via the WordPress Reader and liked what I saw. Hope you can post more interesting info on the RAAF in WW2. There has been a lot of cooperation between the Dutch East Indies Forces and the “Aussies” but it is not generally known. So it’s up to us, amateur historians, to unearth and pubiish it!


    1. Thanks for reading. Once I started researching the RAAF/AIF in the Pacific region, I also realized the story is largely unknown in Australia. So there’s a lot of stories to tell. I’ve been perusing your site as well, I’d love to read The Java Gold at some stage. Keep up the good work.

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