For Peace In France


The Rant Foundry would like to take this opportunity to express deep sympathy and the most heartfelt condolences to the citizens of Paris and the people of France; the families and loved ones of the victims of the November 13th attacks, those continuing to live in fear for their safety, those who will be called upon in these times of emergency.

Throughout the last century the gentle and proud people of France, the authors of so much that symbolises the aspirations and desires of those that call ourselves civilised and  cultured, have been subjected to unspeakable violence and acts of terrorism often swept over their picturesque country by forces beyond their control. War has cast its shadow across the nation for so much of its recent history and now the dread spectre of terror rises.

Our hearts go out to all French men, women, and children – may you find the strength to endure and overcome.

Vive la France!



  1. I completely accept your point of view. But the 200plus Russians they murdered in Egypt should have been recognised as well. And the people in Beirut who have been through it all before. Maybe it is because the French are more like we are than Syrians and Russians and Lebanese and so it strikes us harder.


    1. I accept your opinion completely – the attack in Beirut on the 12th and the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 have either been under-reported or not at all.

      As I’m currently writing an op-ed piece regarding the Paris attacks and their geopolitical considerations, I wanted to acknowledge the human side first.

      I do believe Westerners identify a lot more with each other over tragedies like this, but a lot of it comes back to the media’s handling of the events which is often one of the desired outcomes of the perpetrators; whipping up a frenzy of public opinion to pave the way for political or military changes.


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